Harry Potter

The Wonderful and Whimsical World of Harry Potter Hopefully by now, most of you have heard about the magical world of Harry Potter. The first book out of the seven book was published on June 22, 1997. I was only a year old when the first book came out. The last book of the series, … Continue reading Harry Potter

Fall is Here!

Book Cafe's Top 5 Bookish Halloween Movies As avid book readers, our favourite time of the year is coming up... AUTUMN! With the beautiful, crisp, leaves-changing-colours, and sitting-by-the-window-with-tea-in one-hand-and-a-book-in-the-other weather, there's really nothing quite like it. Except for our second favourite time of the year, WINTER! But since Autumn is coming, lets talk about the … Continue reading Fall is Here!